Full bundle: Understanding the Agrobiology of Agrochemical Formulations

This course series gives you an overview of the agrobiology of agrochemical formulations and consists of four course topics: active ingredient uptake and translocation, modifier and activator adjuvants, formulation types, formulation evaluation.

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Course overview

This is a popular course series called Understanding the agrobiology of agrochemical formulations. It consists of four courses:

  • Active ingredient uptake and translocation 
  • Modifier and activator adjuvants
  • Formulation types 
  • Formulation evaluation

The biological activity of a crop protection product is determined by its active ingredient, which may be formulated to improve handling, storage, application and bioavailability.

Bioavailability refers to the extent a substance or active ingredient becomes available to its intended biological target site and is determined by active ingredient concentration at the site of application, anatomic & physiological characteristics of the absorptive site and active ingredient solubility, formulation, including the choice of adjuvants.

 The course series is designed for:

  • R&D Managers
  • Crop Protection Researchers and Advisors
  • Field Trial Providers and Agronomists
  • Formulation Chemists and Biologists
  • Marketing and Project Manager team members

Course Series – Curriculum

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Customer Testimonials

Senior Scientist

"The courses are great. I really enjoyed the module one on plant physiology. As a chemist without deep knowledge of plants, I found it very informative and it gave the basis for further learning.

The second module on modifier and activator adjuvants is good for the person who is completely new to the world of Agro. I think it gives a good starting point to what to look at and think of when designing formulations."

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Meet the course trainer

Dr. Harry Teicher is an independent consultant with over 20 years of agchem and bioscience R&D management and support experience. Harry gained his PhD in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from the University of Copenhagen and worked in a wide range of roles in R&D specialising in biological crop protection strategies. Until 2018 he held various management roles at Cheminova and FMC whilst also acting as a guest lecturer in plant biochemistry, biotechnology, plant pathology and crop protection.

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