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Regulatory Course Series: Overview of Agrochemical Regulations in the EU

Gain knowledge about the fundamentals of EC 1107/2009 and plant protection product authorisation in the EU. The course series consists of four of our popular regulatory mini-courses and will cover fundamentals of EC 1107/2009, active substance approval, process details, deadlines and the dossiers according to EC 1107/2009.

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Formulation Course Series: Understanding the Agrobiology of Agrochemical Formulations

This course series gives you an overview of the agrobiology of agrochemical formulations and consists of four course topics: active ingredient uptake and translocation, modifier and activator adjuvants, formulation types, formulation evaluation.

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Understanding EU Regulations: Non-regulatory's guide to EC 1107/2009

Gain knowledge about the basics of EC 1107/2009, where it is coming from, and understand the importance of various details of your work in the context of the regulation.

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Active substance approval

This course will guide you into the active substance approval according to EC 1107/2009, review selected Articles of the regulation, give a detailed description of the approval process, procedures, timelines and technical equivalence.

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Plant protection product authorisation in the EU

Get guidance to plant protection product authorisation according to EC 1107/2009. We will review the zonal system, mutual recognition, details of the procedures, timelines, guidelines, risk envelope approach, Uniform Principles, MRL’s and more.

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Guide to dossier content for active substance and product in the EU

This course will guide you through the content of an active substance dossier and a product dossier according to EC 1107/2009, including structure overview, what is presented in each document of the dossiers, classification and detailed information about the sections on physical/chemical properties, efficacy, analytical methods, toxicology, residue, environmental fate, ecotoxicology and other relevant sections.

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Understanding the agrobiology of agrochemical formulations: active ingredient uptake and translocation

This course provides an insight into plant physiology and anatomy as barriers to active ingredient uptake and translocation, as well as active ingredient physical-chemical properties determining their uptake and translocation.

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Understanding the agrobiology of agrochemical formulations: modifier and activator adjuvants

This course continues the topic of agrochemical formulations after active ingredient uptake and translocation and provides an insight into modifier and activator adjuvants and their effects on the bioavailability, stability and application of pesticide formulations.

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Understanding the agrobiology of agrochemical formulations: formulation types

This course provides an insight into simple solutions, suspensions and emulsions of pesticidal active ingredients in solid and liquid formulations to the formulation of multiple active ingredients through complex formulations, as well as an overview of formulation strategies and trends.

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Understanding the agrobiology of agrochemical formulations: formulation evaluation

This course provides an insight into the agrobiological evaluation of pesticide formulations. By understanding how to evaluate the agrobiological aspects (sprayability, distribution, drying time, uptake, translocation, efficacy, crop safety etc.) of agrochemical formulations, the application and bioavailability of these formulations can be optimized, enhancing efficacy and providing product differentiation.

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Course testimonials

Division Manager

"The course has been perfect. It was well-structured, clear in explanations and logic paths, able to let steps of the process fit."

Principal Investigator

"It was a great introductory course, where obstacles and challenges were well explained."

New Product Developer

"Excellent! Very informative about the regulations."

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