Overview of agrochemical regulations in the EU

Gain knowledge about the fundamentals of EC 1107/2009 and plant protection product authorisation in the EU. The course series consists of four of our popular regulatory mini-courses and will cover fundamentals of EC 1107/2009, active substance approval, process details, deadlines and the dossiers according to EC 1107/2009.

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Course overview

Whether you're new in the industry or have been in a technical role for years, it is vital to have a basic understanding of the Regulation EC 1107/2009, where it is coming from and why your work is important. This course is designed to give you an overview of the EU regulatory landscape for registering agrochemicals.

Useful for anybody who requires a working knowledge of the regulation, the course will be of most interest to people planning to work with EC 1107/2009 or conducting different studies related to the regulation, including:

  • Regulatory Affairs Managers and newly employed Regulatory Affairs professionals

  • Study Directors and Field Trials Managers

  • Toxicologists and Ecotoxicologists

  • Product Development and Registration Officers
  • Industry professionals that need an overview of the approval process without being too detailed

  • Regulatory Affairs professionals from outside Europe that would like to get to know how the regulatory framework in Europe works

  • Industry professionals that would like to try to see the bigger picture and the legal context

Course Series – Curriculum

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Customer Testimonials

New Product Developer

"Excellent! Very informative about the regulations."

Division Manager

"The course has been perfect. It was well-structured, clear in explanations & logic paths, able to let steps of the process fit."

Principal Investigator

"It was a great introductory course, where obstacles and challenges well explained."

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Please note: The contents of the Guide to dossier content for active substance and product in the EU course will be available after 30 September.

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Course price: £899

The course price is per person and includes benefits like:

  • 4 courses that divide further into multiple bite-size lessons.

  • Discussion forums, where you can ask questions and interact with the trainer.

  • On-demand course content that you can study in your own time around your work commitments.

Meet the course trainer

Marianne Thuen Jakobsen is an Independent Regulatory Consultant with extensive experience in both EU regulations as well as Sub-Saharan African regulations for agrochemicals.

Following 10 years in the industry working as a Patent officer, QA specialist and Regulatory Specialist, Marianne set up her own regulatory consultancy in 2016. Through the consultancy projects, she facilitates approvals for plant protection products in the EU and Subsaharan Africa, and gets involved in complex regulatory cases.

Want to explore the course topics separately?

Understanding EU regulations: non-regulatory's guide to EC 1107/2009

Gain knowledge about the basics of the Regulation EC 1107/2009, where it is coming from, and understand the importance of various details of your work in the context of the regulation. Designed for professionals conducting different studies related to the Regulation.

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Active substance approval

This popular course will guide you into the active substance approval according to Regulation EC 1107/2009, review selected Articles of the Regulation, give a detailed description of the approval process, procedures for new active substances and renewal, timelines, technical equivalence and completeness check.

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Plant protection product authorisation in the EU

Get guidance to plant protection product authorisation according to EC 1107/2009. We will review the zonal system, mutual recognition, details of the procedures, timelines, guidelines, risk envelope approach, Uniform Principles, MRL’s and more.

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Guide to dossier content for active substance & product in the EU

Cover the content of active substance and product dossiers according to EC 1107/2009, including structure overview, details on physical/chemical properties, efficacy, analytical methods, toxicology, residue, environmental fate, ecotoxicology and more.

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